Water Tech Invest - Big Data

Marks & Clerk, London - 04 Apr 2017, 17:15

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Water Tech Invest - Big Data

Marks & Clerk, London - 04 April 2017, 17:15 - 21:00

Following on from the recent Cleantech Investor event on Big Data & Transport, this event in our Water Tech Invest series extends our focus on the theme of 'Big Data'. As highlighted in a recent report by Deloitte (Water Tight 2.0: The top trends in the global water sector), the volume of data and the speed at which it is collected by the water industry has increased dramatically due to innovations in remote sensing, on-the-ground technologies and the adoption of geospatial analysis. Examples of data collected by water utilities include:

  • Flow, chemical concentration and laboratory data
  • Water supply metering and customer usage data 
  • Engineering and construction data
  • Asset performance and maintenance data
Unstructured data such as web and social media content can become a source of local flood observations, while 'Big Data' technologies have also impacted the agriculture industry, offering ‘precision farming’ solutions. The Deloitte report points out that the use of this data involves challenges, that it is typically collected in silos and is often not shared, remains inaccessible for timely analysis and / or is not used efficiently or effectively. Sharing data between utilities can be very challenging and the report emphasises that “It is not just about the data – it is about the quality of decisions”.

Water Tech Invest - Big Data will address the opportunities arising for companies which can offer 'Big Data' technology solutions in the water industry. Speakers will provide case studies of 'Big Data' water projects within the UK industry - and the event will include short pitches from innovative technology companies offering relevant services. 

Water Tech Invest - Big Data takes place in the evening of 4th April, and will be followed by networking drinks. Sponsored and hosted by Marks & Clerk, the event will take place at the firm's offices in Covent Garden, London. Water Tech Invest is organised by Cleantech Investor and supported by Isle Utilities.

Who should attend?
  • Investors in the water sector
  • Water sector start-ups seeking funding
  • Academics and researchers in the water sector
  • Water utility representatives
  • Government and industry representatives

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Presenting Company Profiles

Isle Utilities is an independent technology and innovation consultancy that brings together technical and commercial specialists to facilitate relationships. The Isle team consists of highly skilled engineers and scientists with extensive and diverse consulting expertise, which is used to identify technology deal-flow, undertake due diligence, provide market intelligence and work with investors. Isle Utilities has extensive inhouse experience in bringing new technologies to market and an established framework to support innovation, technology development, strategy and growth, and investment.

Rezatec is a specialist geospatial data analytics company providing intelligence as a critical decision-support tool to help drive the smart management of land-based assets. Ever-increasing demands being placed on land and its efficient use has resulted in the need for different types of decision-support tools to analyse complex Big Data sets and deliver commercially valuable insight helping organisations adapt to these new pressures. Rezatec's analysis of Earth Observation (EO) satellite data and advanced remote sensing techniques can help. The company provides landscape geospatial data analytics services to nearly 50% of the UK’s water utility companies as well as related water infrastructure contractors.

Inflowmatix, a spin-out company from the InfraSense Labs at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Imperial College London, builds upon unique cross-disciplinary expertise from sensing to advanced modelling and optimisation and active research collaborations with water utilities and IT system integrators. Inflowmatix has expertise in modelling the steady and unsteady-state hydraulics of water distribution networks, which it combines with knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of embedded electronic systems.The application of its technologies and analytics to water supply networks offers significant improvements in the management of leakage, demand, energy and operational incidents, providing multiple operational benefits for network operators.

Aiimi is involved with information strategy and innovation in the technical implementation of information management solutions. The company has worked with Anglian Water to create an "Enterprise Information Vision" based around the development of four information strategies around Content, Data, Mobile and Business Intelligence. As part of an EIM alliance with Anglian Water, Cap Gemini and CSC, Aiimi developed an integrated technology roadmap. It installed information governance, improved organisational capabilities, and co-developed demonstration areas. 

AquamatiX develops smarter IT systems for more efficient operational management and optimisation of water and wastewater infrastructure. The company has worked with ThingWorx, a leading developer of ‘Internet of Things’ applications, to build WaterWorX™, which adopts a completely new, fast, low cost, open standards approach to real-time network management solutions design and delivery.

Bactest is a Cambridge-based company which specializes in the rapid detection of microbial activity, rapid measurement of bacterial contamination in any liquid, biomass monitoring in wastewater treatment, rapid on-site testing, monitoring bacteria in real-time and determination of toxicity events. In 2014 Bactest was voted SME of the year and in 2015 was a Shell Springboard finalist and prizewinner.

The Speakers

Thomas Prock

Partner, Marks & Clerk
Thomas Prock advises clients in the high tech field, in particular in the electronics sector on internet-related subject matter and computer-implemented inventions, and is also active in protecting inventions in the cleantech and medical device fields. After graduating with a Diploma in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Applied Science in Ulm (Germany), Thomas went on to obtain his PhD from the Institute of Cancer Research. Having qualified as a Chartered (UK) and European Patent Attorney in 2007, in 2014 Thomas became one of the few professionals to also qualify as a Patentanwalt (German Patent Attorney). In the LMG Life Sciences Guide 2014, Thomas is listed as a ‘Life Sciences Star’ for his work in the medical devices area. He is also commended in the inaugural Who's Who Legal - Patent Agents, which refers to him as a “definite inclusion on any list”.

Derek Pedley

Environmental Consultant, Pedley Consultants

Derek Pedley, a consultant in environmental technologies, wa until recently the Carbon Management Lead at the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). Prior to the formation of the KTN he was Associate Director for Business Development within the Environmental Sustainability KTN, brokering relationships between the investment community (including grant support) and environmental technology businesses. Derek ran the KTN's Investment Readiness Forum and offered specialist advice in environmental measurement, recovery of energy from waste and carbon capture and storage. His background in academic and commercial research for a range of diverse products led to a series of technical positions in major corporations in the UK, and finally to the establishment of a highly successful sensor development company in the USA. Returning to the UK, he specialised in advice to SMEs, and initiated the development of an innovative resource efficiency club. 

Laurie Renolds

CEO, Aquamatix

Laurie Reynolds, a Chartered Systems Engineer, spent 30 years with Thames Water as an automation and asset management specialist. Projects included the London Water Control Centre and Ring Main which transformed the way London’s water was controlled and managed. Subsequently, he worked as a consultant in pumping system efficiency, network and process optimisation. and as Technical Director of a start-up company developing a condition monitoring system for critical motor-driven applications.  Having recognised the importance of industrial IOT well before it became the important subject it is today, Laurie set up Aquamatix in 2011 to pioneer the application of iIOT into the global water sector. The Aquamatix team has built WaterWorX, a modular, open software platform for smart water systems. Laurie is passionate about the importance of interoperability and open standards in smart water and IOT.

Benjamin Tam

Senior Technology Consultant, Isle Utilies

Benjamin Tam is a Senior Technology Consultant at Isle Utilities with a background in science and innovation. After gaining a PhD in biochemistry, Ben worked in the water industry fulfilling a variety of scientific and managerial roles. He managed a wide portfolio of innovation projects at Anglian Water, which enabled him to develop his expertise and scientific knowledge of water quality, water and wastewater treatment processes. Ben also has experience leading on international consultancy projects providing technology deal flow and technical due diligence in the UAE and Africa. In addition, he has experience in data management, multimedia customer engagement and smart water networks.

Philip Briscoe

Chief Operating Officer, Rezatec

Philip Briscoe manages Rezatec’s strategic and commercial development, marketing and engagement with its logo partners. He has 20 years of experience in the technology sector, with particular exposure to supply chain monitoring and data analytics platforms. Philip holds a BA in European Business studies and a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) post-graduate diploma.

Steve George

Chief Executive Officer, Inflowmatix

Steve George, CEO of Inflowmatix, has worked in the water industry since 1999. He has a passion for developing solutions, solving problems and delivering real benefits to companies across the UK water sector and beyond. Before joining Inflowmatix, Steve worked in business and market development for Aqualogy as part of the Suez group. Whilst there he focused on providing innovative, advanced water solutions for the utilities sector. Steve’s previous experience includes being the IT Director for a leading UK consultancy providing leakage management software and services. 

Steve O'Donoghue

Account Director - Utilities, Aiimi

Steve O’Donoghue is the Director of Aiimi’s utilities vertical.  With over 30 years’ experience in IT, IT sales and IT sales leadership, he has an extensive knowledge of information management principles, IT and business service delivery, and organisational transformation. Steve’s previous roles include Head of Sales positions for several IT services and consulting businesses: he has also set up and run his own consultancy specialising in offshore business process outsourcing. 

Annie Brooking

CEO, Bactest Limited

Annie Brooking joined BACTEST as CEO in 2011 in order to commercialise the company’s technology platform CYTOMAIA. She has been a CEO for over 20 years in the UK and Iceland, and has brought 19 products to market to include computer hardware, software, imaging systems and medical devices and instrumentation. An experienced executive and non-executive Director, CEO and leader of academic, research, engineering and marketing teams, Annie is an honorary research fellow at the Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute and Partner Emeritus at ET Capital, a Cambridge, UK-based venture capital company.She has been an active participant and advisor in the EEC’s Framework Programmes, and is the author of several scientific publications and two books on intangible assets.

Toby Rickett

Director of Product Development, Bactest Limited

Toby Rickett is a specialist in early stage new hardware and software product development with a proven track record, having brought eight disruptive products to market in the IT and medical sectors within the last twelve years. With a core understanding of software development and enterprise level software architectures, Toby has worked with and delivered software applications ranging from small individual desktop applications through multi-threaded, distributed n-tier systems, giving him a broad spectrum of experience. Toby has strong technical and team leadership skills combined with excellent academic qualifications that include a First Class Degree (2003), a Masters in Software Development (2007) and a Masters in Mathematics (completion due 2017).